Brides To Be

A Commonly Asked Question…


Q. What are some dental procedures that could take my smile to the next level?

A: As you start planning your wedding, you think of a date, location and what to wear. What most of us forget to do is think about our smile – that is until we receive our wedding photos back! At Clarity Dental, Dr. Hala Salama performs dental procedures that can enhance your smile in a short amount of time. Here is what we recommend:


Cleaning or hygiene: In many cases a thorough, professional cleaning is all that is required.

Whitening: There are many different options for whitening your teeth. Over the counter kits, custom-made home whitening kits and laser whitening, the most-effective option, performed in the dental office.

Fillings or bonding: Gaps you want closed or fillings that no longer match can be fixed in a single office visit.

Veneers, crowns and/or bridges: Crowns or veneers are a great way to cover up existing teeth to create a full smile, and a bridge can replace a missing tooth.

Invisalign: If you have some crowding or one tooth out of place, Invisalign treatment can be completed in a month in some cases.